Welcome to my small site

Hi, i'm Rick. Welcome to my small site
Don't expect to much rn, hopefully the site will extend over some time.

Soo sth about me? I think this sums me up pretty well:
I like to tinker around with Linux/Electronics stuff since 1995.
In my freetime i like to play games on my switch and watch anime ^^

At fist i gonna use it as a blog where i post stuff about Linux/Electronics stuff.
I also use this site to tinker around with webstuff, learning new things is always interesting.

Also check out Fediring on the bottom of this site, its a collection of websites from cool and very nice ppl of the fediverse ;) If you wanna know more about fediverse, head over here -> fediverse.party/en/fediverse

Here some links where you can find other stuff which i eiher selfhost or use:

Fediverse Instance: a.n0id.space
Gitea: git.z-iq.de/rick
3DPrints: thingiverse.com/n0id/designs

You can always reach me via:

XMPP: rick@jabber.absturztau.be
Matrix: @rick:m.n0id.space
Fediverse: https://a.n0id.space/@rick
Mail: rick+n0id@n0id.space




Also checkout fediring. Its a small webring featuring awesome ppl from fediverse (external):

<- fediring.net ->